Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Fussy

One of the wonderful cat rescues we have featured is Save the Cats Arizona. They are a 501(c)3 sanctuary based in Gilbert, AZ – and you can read their profile post here. Today we get to share with you one of their rescue stories, as told by Terry, a Board Member and the Volunteer & Sanctuary Coordinator for Save the Cats Arizona.

Terry shares Fussy’s story

FussyFussy was a scrappy, skinny and very scared cat that we rescued from a 110 acre preserve in Gilbert. He had horrible dental issues, he was drooling constantly, he was losing weight and his coat was looking terrible because he had stopped grooming himself. We had taken him to the vet several times, removed most of his teeth, and he was on medication – but nothing seemed to help. We even had to guard him when he ate wet food because the bigger cats would just push him away. Fussy was in pretty bad shape. We were seriously discussing if this was any life for a cat to live; it just didn’t seem right.

Well, later that day, a mother/daughter team who recently volunteered with us offered to take Fussy home to foster him, where he could spend his last days in peace and surrounded by love. We agreed and thought what a wonderful idea – so off he went to a foster home.

It has now been several months and Fussy has gained weight, his coat looks better than ever, no more dental issues, off his meds and he has his new best friends to snuggle with! He has become so much more social and confidant

Fussy made a huge comeback because all it took was a home, love and special attention. It’s an amazing story and we are thrilled Fussy has a new lease on life!

Fussy’s foster mom says:

“Fussy’s favorite activities include rubs under the chin, taking cat naps, playing when he thinks nobody is watching, and looking extra cute.

He loves to greet cats with a gentle headbutt and follows his best friend, Leo, everywhere. If Leo drinks, he drinks. If Leo scratches, he scratches. If Leo jumps on the bed, Fussy also jumps on the bed.

Fussy  can be quite talkative and purrs instantly when he is being petted. Fussy loves attention…although sometimes he will play “hard to get” at first. He is making great progress and learning to trust more and more each day. I really enjoy watching him learn how to be a house cat and love being a part of his growth and success!”

When Three Chatty Cats asked Terry for an update on Fussy, we were told that he may very likely become a foster fail! Fussy is enjoying life with Leo and a new foster sibling, Doc!

Thank you to Terry and Fussy’s foster mom for sharing his story with us. It just goes to show how a cat can completely turnaround with the proper care and in the right loving home!

You can connect with Save the Cats Arizona on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They are also on Twitter and Catastic as “LilSonora” – named for their spokes kitty). You can donate at their website or learn more about volunteering as well!

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  1. What a wonderful story about Fussy! We sure hope he becomes a foster fail as his new house sounds pawsome. Hope we’ll get an update on him. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. We see this amazing transformation all the time. Our rescue takes cats out of shelters and into foster homes. Time after time the shelter notes say, “Difficult to handle” “Very timid” “Agressive”, and the cat gets into a foster home and becomes a purring lovebug! Not always, but more often than not. It’s so great!

  3. Why Fussy! you are like me! I was so scared and not trusting humans. All it took was a nice quiet foster home where there were no other cats (I’m mostly afraid of other cats) and just my retired humans. And like your potential new family, my humans were foster fails on their very first foster—ME! I have been in my very own castle for four glorious years. I do have a female younger sibling, mostly I just ignore her. I have not yet learned what it means or looks like to play with another cat, much to Sage’s disappointment. Paw It Forward Fussy!

  4. Just shows the transformation that can happen with a great deal of TLC! Four paws up for Fussy!!!

  5. I love happy endings! And foster fails are the best kind of fails. He is a cutie, I am so glad someone gave him a chance.

  6. We love foster fail stories! We are so happy that Fussy is doing so well, and that his happily forever after has just about started. :)

  7. How sweet of Terry to offer to foster him. Oftentimes, the shelter is just too stressful for kitties to thrive and they just need a home and some love. I hope he becomes a foster fail – it sounds like he is really enjoying life where he is :)

  8. I love stories like this. All Fussy needed was a second chance with someone who cared. Shedding tears of joy. TW has a friend who’s gonna be 70 in a few years. She has 2 senior cats but says when they go OTRB, she’s not getting anymore. TW suggested fostering and she couldn’t believe TW thought she’d give any cat up who came into her home.