Cats in Bow Ties (and giveaway!)

Back in February, we introduced you to Lindsi Jones, a professional photographer who volunteers at Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, Georgia. Lindsi photographs the kitties at the sanctuary and you can read the original post about Lindsi here.

During her time with Miss Kitty, Lindsi started a photographic series called Cats in Bow Ties, with the goal of photographing 101 cats modeling bow ties in an effort to raise awareness for adoptions and also show how beautiful cats truly are. All cats in the series are either current residents, former residents, or fellow kitty supporters of the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary.

A Conversation with Lindsi

How did the “Cats in Bow Ties” project come about?
This past summer I created a few bow ties for my own cat and shot some photographs for myself. After viewing them, I knew that this would be a fun project to do with the cats of Miss Kitty. In the beginning, I started shooting this just for fun. But after the first group of cats, I decided I wanted to make it a full series and came up with 101 Cats in Bow Ties.

What is the purpose of the series?
The goal and purpose of the Cats in Bow Ties series is to raise awareness for shelter cats by showing off the beauty and variety of amazing cats in the Miss Kitty community. As the creator of Cats in Bow Ties, it is my hope that all who see these photographs will smile, laugh, and feel that warm, loving feeling that can only come from looking at a cat. It is my dream that someone who has never considered adopting will head to a shelter – and that America will one day be a no-kill nation.

What surprised you the most about taking pictures at Miss Kitty?
I am surprised with how cooperative cats have been. Most of the cats don’t mind wearing the bow ties at all and seem to enjoy their portrait sessions. They like all the attention, extra petting, special toys and treats that are a part of the Cats in Bow Ties setup. Some of them refuse to pose and need to be bribed with catnip, treats, or feather toys. Several of them just flop over and want their bellies rubbed. It has been a lot of fun to shoot the series and also a lot of hard work.

What is the hardest part about taking pictures?
With the Cats in Bow Ties project, I changed how I photographed the cats by bringing in a full studio setup with lighting, a backdrop, and a wardrobe that I crafted by hand. For this, I crammed the whole setup at the end of a narrow hallway where it’s hard to move around but doable.

Does anyone help you during the photo shoot sessions with the kitties?
My sister-in-law, father, and one of my close friends have come along on some of the shoots to help in handling the cats.

Have you photographed your 101st kitty yet?
Yes, I photographed cat number 101 in February.

What do you plan on doing with the series now?
This coming summer I will be exhibiting the photographs in Thomasville, GA.

I see you’ve started a Cats in Bow Ties shop. Does this benefit Miss Kitty?
Yes, a portion of the proceeds from the shop are donated to Miss Kitty.


Cats in Bow Ties
Limited edition 4-pack magnet set

To help support this wonderful photographic series and Miss Kitty, Three Chatty Cats has purchased a limited edition 4-pack of magnets for one lucky reader! A portion of all proceeds from the Cats in Bow Ties shop are directly donated to the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary to help fund the lives of their resident felines.

Giveaway: Leave a comment below by noon Pacific on Saturday, April 30, 2016 for your chance to win the 4-pack of magnets. One winner will be chosen via U.S. entries only. This is not a sponsored giveaway.

The cats have been working hard on making the magnets!

Thank you to Lindsi for sharing her photographic series Cats in Bow Ties with us! Her photography talents are exceptional and the series is so inspiring! You can connect with Lindsi via her website, Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit the Cats in Bow Ties shop to support Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary.

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  1. This is a wonderful way to let the public know how many great cats are out there for adoption. The photos are amazing and they show Lindsi’s love for cats. Keep up the good work and who knows, maybe there will be 101 more cats in bow ties!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, the kitties are soooo cute with the bow ties on!! Carmine has a bow tie, and he looks really adorable when he’s wearing it. I will check out the store. It is so wonderful that she is doing this and that it support Miss Kitty. Maybe she could publish a book with all those photos? That would be awesome :)

  3. I love cat in ties. Such stunning photos. Thank you for the kind words you left on our blog about the loss of Spooky.

  4. Oh Meow luvved da magnet video. Those are all gawjus kitties. We wuld luv to win da magnets. Mommy would use one of them to keep me’s foto on da fridge.

    Luv ya’


  5. Rachel, this is so fun! I’d love to get the magnets! :D
    But the photo project of cats in bowties is such a great idea! I loved it. :-) Wilson used to wear bowties all the time back in Brazil. This has inspired me to buy him a new one!

  6. How adorable but she’d never get me into a bow tie. I have a thing about things around my neck. I go nutz. One of the cat bloggers makes bow ties for charity.

  7. These photos are so adorable. I adore them all, but the last one is my very favorite. I think Lindsi should put her photos in a book. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a wonderful initiative. I’m going to share this across my networks to encourage the many Rescue groups in our community to be inspired! #WoohooMeow, Annette, Isagold & Bettyblue xxx

  9. I love this! These are so cute. Bowties look very dapper on cats. I think these adorable photos could really help to get some homeless kitties into forever homes. Put me down for the giveaway! I will be sharing this within the next few days. :)

  10. It’s always fun to hear about people who use their skills to help animals! Sounds like it was a fun project, and the cats look great =)

  11. Dr. Who says bowties are cool, and he must have seen kitties in bowties to have come to that conclusion! Now we need kitties in a fez!

  12. Been following the Cats in Bow Ties by Lindsi for a bit. I think this is so awesome. Don’t have any male kitties to adorn with bow ties, 2 female kitties, but I’m sure my girls would like to take a gander and the boys. :)

  13. This is a really unique concept. The bows (and general photos) help make the cats look (more) cute and approachable in a way that you do not seen in most shelter pictures. It catches the cats’ personalities outside a cage in a light that shows them when they are comfortable rather than behind bars. Keep up the good work!

  14. Just watched the video, I am behind. I love it and I am still amazed at the work she does for the kitties in my home state! Such a wonderful person and I enjoy her post post on Catastic as well. Would love to see you more Lindsi!

  15. I’d LOVE to use these on the kitties at the rescue I do the photography for! Too cute!!! (Seattle Area Feline Rescue) I love all the amazing work of my peers. Kudos, Lindsi.

  16. Hello! My name is Jean Peterman of course as you will see my name after the comment that I posts. Miss Kitty is a wonderful place for cats to have a home where they are loved and taken care of, even though a forever home with a family is where I’m sure that they would love to be. Anyway, Miss Kitty has been very good to me, when I have needed food for the strays that I feed all over, I would call them and ask them if they may have some food that I could get, and they have never turned me down, unless they may not have any in at that time. Miss Kitty is definitely a blessing for all cats who are in need of a home or just simply some food to eat because they are always there to help in anyway they can. I have had the pleasure of visiting all the kitty cats at Miss Kitty, and they are all willing to give love, and hoping that you will have some playtime with them, and it really makes a difference because they know that they are loved, and they need that little bit of attention. I thank Mrs. Henderson and Miss Kitty for helping me when I needed it, and they still do, and I’am forever grateful to them. I love all the kitties there, and I pray that they will all get forever homes one day. Thank you Lindsi Jones for the beautiful photos of all the beautiful kitty cats there. You do an awesome job at photography, and you did a great job with all the cats.

  17. Entries for the giveaway are now closed. Comments are always welcome to continue, though! The giveaway winner will be announced shortly and selected randomly via Thank you for all the entries!