The Wonderful World of Blogging

In three days, I will officially have had my blog for three months. I’m still quite a newbie in the blogging world, but I feel so welcomed and supported by those that I’ve met (virtually) and hope to meet in person at the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in June! While the majority of my new-found blogging comrades are within the pet blogging world, I have also enjoyed getting to know non-pet bloggers as well. Pet or not, bloggers are certainly a supportive group of people and a great community to be a part of.

One of the pleasures I’ve had while blogging is collaborating with other bloggers on a few posts, which I definitely hope to do more of. I’ve also learned so much about cat welfare in general and the rescue system. Blogging has been quite an education process for me.

Not only are my fellow bloggers wonderful, but so are the readers! I have received great support from a number of dedicated readers, and that’s one of the main reasons why I started Three Chatty Cats – for the reader! I have also witnessed so much giving and support from the readers to the rescue groups I’ve featured and individuals I’ve profiled. More often than not, I’ve seen a post connect a reader with a group or rescuer to either donate items or money – or just offer general words of encouragement. And that is really what this is all about!

To top it all off, I have received kind words of support and encouragement aimed at little ol’ me. I received a Liebster Award Nomination from Beyond the Blue Coat in February. I was completely surprised and honored to be thought of. At the time, I didn’t know that such blogging nominations existed or went around, but of course I have since learned that they are here to help get to know fellow bloggers. I humbly accepted the nomination from Paula and you can read that post here, if you’d like.

Since that nomination, I’ve been even more flabbergasted at receiving a few more nominations. I thanked each blogger at the time, but I never posted anything on Three Chatty Cats because I didn’t want to bombard my readers with here-I-am, read-about-me type posts. I’m not one to toot my own horn and I even feel a bit awkward posting this. My blog is dedicated to the kitties, not me! Know what I mean?

But with all that said, I don’t feel that’s fair to the bloggers who took the time to read and nominate my blog. I want to share them with you as well and show my appreciation for all their blogging efforts and hard work they have put into their own blogs.

So, here are all of the bloggers who have been so kind to recognize Three Chatty Cats. I’d like to give them my deepest appreciation. Thank you to everyone for supporting and reading Three Chatty Cats! I’m looking forward to meeting even more bloggers and readers as I continue my blogging journey.

If you want to actually learn more about me, you can read all of my answers to their nomination questions here.

Beyond the Blue Coat

Written by Paula, a veterinary student. She writes about life as a vet student, travel, photography and more. (Liebster Award Nomination, February 24, 2016)


Luca, who resides in Italy, shares his cats with us and also the occasional poem. (Liebster Award Nomination, March 4, 2016)

Felines Opine

“Felines opine on the world from their viewpoint” – Written by Anita, an unashamed cat fanatic. (Liebster Award Nomination, March 10, 2016)


Christopher, a writer and poet shares his thoughts. Three Chatty Cats also inspired a poem that you can read here. (Sunshine Blogging Nomination, March 29, 2016)

Foster Cat Chats

The world of Buddy Foster, the cat, as shared from his ailurophile cat mama, Brenda. (Liebster Award Nomination, April 10, 2016)

The Wonderful World of Blogging
Dexter says, “That’s nice Mama, but when are we getting back to me?”

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52 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Blogging

    1. Sometimes I feel like I’m organized to a fault. I think blogs that offer more than one subject (like yours) are great to read. I likely will only attract readers who are cat (or animal) lovers. Your audience will be wide-ranging!

  1. It certainly was a pleasure getting to know you through Catastic, then Instagram and then of course, through your awesome new blog. I concur with Prosperity and Calamities, (have to check out their blog too) your blog is thoroughly organized and always a pleasure to read! I have also started my blog this year and it’s a hard slog to keep up and keep focused! So bravo to you and hoping you have a fantastic time in June at the Blogpaws conference! Perhaps next year they’ll have it on the East coast closer to me.

  2. Making it to 3 months is fabulous! Now for the one year mark! The mom will be at BlogPaws so she looks forward to meeting you. Make sure you look for the lady with the yellow hair. ;)

  3. Hi … we won’t be at Blog Paws to meet (purrhaps another place/time/year?) but congrats on a lovely blog … thanks for visiting us … sorry we are slow to meet newbies … now back to cat-ing-about-n-around!

  4. The pet blogosphere is a wonderful place to be and you deserve the accolades you’re receiving! Wish I was able to go to BlogPaws so we could meet in purr-son.

  5. You have come a long way in only three months! The head peep is sad that she isn’t going to be attending BlogPaws this year, so she will miss the opportunity to meet you. But we know you’ll have a blast there!

  6. Hello, new furiends! We are so glad you stopped by our blog – we love making new furiends. We look forward to following you, and meeting you at BlogPaws!!! ConCATS on all your awesome awards!

  7. congrats and keep it up! I’ve also just recently entered the blogosphere and it’s cool to “meet” so many cat enthusiasts from all over :)

  8. I really like your blog. :-)
    Earlier I posted as a joke, but your posts have been a reason to continue. I met some really special people who really give all of yourself and really believe in what they do.
    Thanks to you and to all of you :-)

  9. Thanks to your talent and hard work, you have helped give so many amazing cats a chance for a better life. It’s something to be proud of and celebrate!

  10. Congrats on the awards and for doing so well! Aren’t writers/bloggers such wonderful people?!? :) Have fun at the Blogpaws conference! I’ve always wanted to go but have never been able to. :( Make sure to take plenty of pictures!

  11. AW, TW isn’t going to Blogpaws this year, much to Mom L’s dismay so you’ll have to keep her company. MOL! We look forward to reading your blog and are glad we virtually know you. IF we’re lucky enough to be a finalist for Nose to Nose, Plush CK will be there though.

  12. Congrats on your blogging milestone! Time will fly by but as long as you are having fun that’s all that matters! Excited to see you and everyone who is attending the BlogPaws conference this summer! This will be my first time going and I’m so excited!!! :)

  13. Congratulations on 3 months- it is a big milestone and it’s always the initial part that is hardest. I’ve loved visiting your blog- so does my mum. I love the pic of Dexter! He’s my favourite!

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