Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Bones

Fellow blogger, Luca, lives in the countryside near Rome, Italy and has rescued many cats. Luca shares with us how his cat Bones came to live with him in April 2006.

Where did you find Bones?
On the terrace of my in-laws.

How did you come up with the name Bones? 
I gave him this name because when I found him, he was sick, malnourished and dehydrated. He was very thin. He had severe rhinotracheitis and an intestinal hernia. He was in serious danger of losing his life. He did not drink or eat because he did not have the strength. I fed and took care of him every day for a month. I was always with him, except to eat and sleep myself. I fed him with a syringe (without a needle) with water and homogenized baby food, a month of antibiotics, perseverance, hope and love.

Bones as a kitten.

What other cats do you have right now? 
Four cats in the house, two on the terrace, and two in the garden.

Does Bones get along with your other cats? 
He is a little unsociable because he was traumatized when he lost his older brother, Monet, who passed away from cancer, three years and four months after we found Bones.

Why do you love cats so much? What is it about them that touches you?
They are my family, my friends and my children. And they give a meaning to my life and make me a better person.

Is there a group or organization that you would like to share with us? 
I have two best friends who work at the charitable site LoveCATS World.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 
My cats can do anything. I talk to them – and Bones and I are equals.

Bones now – happy and loving life.

Thank you to Luca for rescuing Bones and so many other cats. You can connect with Luca on his site: lukecats.wordpress.com. You can also read about one of Luca’s other rescued cats here (Tommy).

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18 thoughts on “Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Bones

  1. Thank you Luca for being such a warm, loving soul. I remember the previous story about Tommy as well. Such dedication to save their lives.

  2. Bones is very lucky to have found such a caring and loving human! We are so glad that their paths crossed. We will go check out his blog and the organization he gave a shout out to :)

  3. Bones is adorable. But I really think that these amazing kitties find US rather than our finding them. I am so happy that Bones found you. Just the sweetest story. I loved it!!

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