Photographer Lindsi Jones

To continue with Photo Fun Friday – why not showcase a real photographer and her photos?

Linsdi Jones is a professional photographer whose day job includes shooting weddings, portraits and features for local and regional magazines in Southern Georgia. Lindsi has a soft spot for cats and uses her photography skills to take pictures of shelter cats, which undoubtedly helps with their adoptions.

Lindsi Jones Photography

A Conversation with Lindsi

Lindsi Jones PhotographyHow did you become interested in photography in general?
I have always been drawn to art. I majored in Fine Art Education in college. During that time I started working with cameras and right away found my talent in photography. While I was in college (2006ish), I started shooting weddings and have been shooting weddings and portraits ever since.

What shelter do you photograph at?
Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, Georgia. This facility provides Thomasville and cities within 75 miles with a low cost spay and neuter option for both cats and dogs.

What inspired you to start taking pictures at the shelter?
My dad introduced me to Miss Kitty after he adopted a kitten there in 2012. He and I started taking trips to Thomasville to visit every few months, and eventually I brought my camera out because I am a professional photographer and photography is the best thing I have to offer to anyone.

When did you start taking pictures at Miss Kitty?
I started taking photos at the shelter in 2014, just shooting a few shots here and there at the shelter to help with adoptions. In 2015, I became a “Purrfect Partner” and started the sponsorships. I also started providing more photography for things like events and for the opening of the new buildings.

Can you explain how Miss Kitty benefits from your photographs and what the sponsorships are about?
I provide Miss Kitty with my photography services at no cost. I shoot anything they need photographed, such as the new buildings, the events, and new cats that need to be on the website. They use the photographs for things like Facebook, their website, advertising and for press releases. With the sponsorships, I make a donation to Miss Kitty on behalf of every wedding couple I shoot, and I pick which cat the donation helps. I usually choose a cat that has special needs like meds, surgeries, or ones that have been at the shelter for years.

What’s a fun stat you can share?
I sponsored 12 cats in 2015. I’ve photographed 93 Cats in Bow Ties as of today – 101 is how many will be displayed when I exhibit the series. (Stay tuned for more on this!)

Do you have any pets at home? 
Yes, three cats. Sam (13), Zero (12), Cleo (8) – these are my children. Sam and Zero are male Siamese and Madame Cleo is a white and tabby female.

Is there a cat that you photographed that especially touched your heart?
I fall in love with every cat I photograph.

Have you ever adopted one of the shelter cats?
Yes, a white kitten with blue eyes named Caspurr at the time. I already have 3 cats, so I adopted him for my sister-in-law who helped me by assisting with several of the Cats in Bow Ties shoots. She named him Jareth, after David Bowie’s character in the movie Labyrinth.

Anything else we should know about you? A fun fact?
I love traveling and trying new things. I am very lucky to have found photography and have worked very hard to develop my skills and talents. My work allows me to travel often to cover events and weddings. I have photographed weddings across the country and hope to keep doing so for many years.

Lindsi Jones Photography

A big thank you to Lindsi for taking her talent and using it to help cats in need! You can connect with Lindsi through her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Next up with Lindsi, we will be showcasing her Cats in Bow Ties series. Here’s a sneak peek! This is former shelter cat Kringle – former because he was adopted on Wednesday!

Cats in Bow Ties

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  1. These fabulous pictures are sure to make an impression on potential adopters. Cats in crates and carriers just don’t show as well. These photos make all these cats look elegant and very special no matter what their age is.

  2. Such wonderful pictures and a great cause. As a native Georgian, I am very proud of you. Thank you for what you do for the precious animals. Another super job Three Chatty Cats!