Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Oliver

I first “met” Leigh Farmer on the Catastic app (which every cat lover should check out – really!). It was apparent to me right away that Leigh is such a huge supporter of cats, rescues, fosters – anything to spread the word of helping cats in need. I greatly admire her passion for cats and dedication to supporting rescue groups all over. She has also been a wonderful supporter of my own little blog here. I asked Leigh to share one of her cat’s stories with us, and she so graciously obliged.

Leigh’s story of Oliver is a good example of if you see something, say something. And then if it’s still not right – do something more! Oliver, aka Ollie-Bear, was rescued in August 2010 by Leigh, who currently lives in Southern California. While Oliver may live in sunny California now, his story started all the way on the other side of the country in Maryland.

Leigh Shares Oliver’s Story


How did Oliver come to live with you? 
Oliver belonged to a neighbor and was just a small growing kitten when I first met him in the yard. He was so friendly and loving. As I watched him grow, I noticed that I seemed to pay more attention to him than my neighbors. One day, I mentioned to them that I noticed his collar was getting a little snug. I went on a business trip for two weeks and when I returned, the collar had not been loosened and had actually started to cut into his neck. Since they weren’t doing anything about it, I took him to the vet to get the collar cut off and his neck treated. I basically told the neighbors that I would be taking him into my home. They did not have much to say and never mentioned him again. They were the type of people that we all despise – they wanted something they thought was cute but did not want the responsibility of a living creature. I was glad to see them go when they moved out and I hope they never get another “pet” in their lives.

What is your favorite thing about Oliver?
He is so sweet. All he wants is to be loved. Every pet sitter I have ever had loves Oliver. I still get texts from my pet sitter in Maryland asking about Oliver. He is just such a sweet, loving little boy.

Do you have other cats in the house? Do they get along with Oliver? 
I have added three cats over the last two years. Stevie is the closest to Oliver’s age. They tolerate each other. Then I have the kittens, now 18 months old, Sasha and Hunter. They mostly torment Oliver as kittens will do to older cats. He gets along ok with them, but they don’t interact a lot. When I first got Oliver, I had two senior tuxedos, Sine and Cosine. I am an aerospace engineer so the names came about when I was still in college. They did not really warm up to Ollie since they were siblings and had only had each other for 15 years.

Oliver and Stevie negotiating sleeping arrangements for the evening.

Why do you love cats so much? What is it about them that touches you?
The love they return to you when you provide them with love. They know when you do not feel well, either mentally or physically, and show compassion. A purr is the most relaxing sound when you know it is because they are content.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I have lived in seven states. I grew up in Georgia and went to school in Florida. And I work for Boeing – so, I have lived in Kansas, California (twice), Missouri (twice), Maryland, and Washington for work.

Thank you to Leigh for sharing Oliver’s story with us!

As the saying goes, “Saving one cat may not change the world, but it will surely change the world of that one cat!” So, thanks to Leigh for stepping in and rescuing Oliver. His world is wholly better because of you!

Two of the many groups that Leigh supports are Paw Parent and The Zoo Rescue. You can visit their Amazon Wish Lists to see how you can support them too: Paw Parent and The Zoo Rescue.

Farmer Gang
The Farmer Gang

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  1. This is just wonderful! I love learning about all these sweet babies & the special people who love them!

  2. Ollie’s story reminds me of my Angel Jewel. I also had to take her away from someone who wasn’t caring for her as they should. Thank you, Leigh, for stepping up and helping this sweet boy and for giving him a loving home!