Photo Fun Friday

Here’s a quick, fun post showing off the Three Chatty Cats because 1) I can’t keep these gorgeous portraits to myself, and 2) I don’t have my Friday post ready due to the fact that I’ve been on jury duty for the past two days. I guess life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. Imagine that!

But back to the cats! My wonderful husband created these for me one weekend and framed them for the “cat” room in our house. They all look so serious here, but that’s rarely the case. Maybe I’ll get him to do a series of goofy ones…

Happy Friday, everyone! ~ Rachel and the Three Chatty Cats

Sophie (full name Sophie Zee Kitty)2016-02-18_Sophie

Olive (aka Ollie-Ollerson)2016-02-18_Olive

Dexter (aka Dexter Bear)2016-02-18_Dexter

The Three Chatty CatsThree Chatty Cats

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  1. When I read the names, I had skipped the first one and though the middle cat (the black cat) was named Dexter and thought “how fitting of a name” but then realized I missed one. For some reason, I see the middle cat as being Dexter and the bottom one would fit Olive (at least in my mind). :)

  2. Those pictures are lovely. What a trio for the wall.

    Thanks for coming by. We’re trying to imagine a cat giving your dog a pack of dental chews and the dog pooping orange from eating them all. :)

  3. My favorite is the first, but I adore all three of these photos. The perspective is unique and I like the monochrome tone. You’re a talented photographer and have a sweet husband, in that he created and framed the pictures.

  4. Love the photographs, what a wonderful display to have! Very nice of your husband to do this. Can’t wait to see the goofy version.

    Hope your jury duty goes well and finishes up soon so you can get back to your blogging 😉