Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Tommy

Found outside Rome, Italy, Tommy started life off in a rough way. But thanks to his rescuer Luca, Tommy is now one happy and loved cat. Touching and heartwarming – it’s a story about love.

This is the story of Tommy, as told so beautifully by Luca.


One morning in May, while my partner and I were in the car, she saw on the street – on the white line at center – a small clear spot. As we approached, we realized that it was a curled little kitten. My partner told me that it was alive. We passed near. A second later, I think I shouted something and stopped the car on the side of the road.

I got out and ran to him, I was on the white line, hoping to protect him, that no one would come and hit him, hoping to make it in time – he was alive.

After an eternity, or so it seemed to me, after the fleeting memories of a car that ran close to me, faces stunned and looks frozen in disbelief, a woman who knew the cat and said, “Oh, my God”.

I came to him.

I gathered around him, not thinking a car might hit me. I picked him up by putting all of the time of the world, as if it were the most important being in the universe. Because for me it was.

I held him to me gently, I did not see his blood on me, not yet.

I returned to the car and took him to the nearest vet driving like a madman. I went almost breaking down the door. Three vets noticed, looked at him, then at me. They looked at me as if to say, “What do you want us to do?”

“Save him.”

We entered the room, I with them.

He was wounded. An eye almost gone, suspected broken jaw, some teeth missing, scratches and cuts, undernourished and worse, a collapsed lung. I do not know what I did, but I remember the butterfly needle in the paw too small. The blood test to prevent acidosis.

I held him to me, he was more dead than alive, breathing hard, not moving. I stayed with him and I never stopped praying, speaking to him. I remained alone with him.

“Stay with me,” I said softly.

He slightly opened his good eye, he raised his head and gave me a small meow. Then he collapsed and trembled, and for long seconds did not move again.

Then he returned to breathe and I knew he would make it.

I took him home and I remained with him until dawn the next day. I was lying on the ground and he slept on my stomach. Early in the morning he woke up. Apart from the crusts of blood and teeth missing, all the most severe traumas were gone. A long convalescence, rehabilitation, plenty of food, shelter and love. Good luck and protection.

Now, he’s with me.

Happy and carefree. Only nightmares every time you fall asleep, but I’m there, and he, fortunately, does not remember a thing.

You can visit Lukecats and see the beautiful pictures of Tommy as well as Luca’s other rescued cats. I especially like this post here called Cats and men.

Tommy, all grown up and a handsome cat.


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      1. No. Thank you! If it weren’t for kindness by folks such as you the world will be such a more tougher place for animals!

  1. Hi! Wanted to say thanks for visiting my site and for liking my post. I hope you found helpful. Your cats are gorgeous babies! I’m a cat mom too, I have 6 rescues. Take care & I hope you’ll stop by again soon :)

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