Sophie visits the vet

Going to the vet.

Sophie went to the vet this past Thursday, and it’s worth celebrating. Why? Because she went for a normal annual checkup. That’s it! That’s all! A little history may be in order to understand my joy for a regular, boring vet visit.

When we found Sophie a little over one year ago (November 29, 2014 to be exact), she was about six months old and had been living outside a movie theater, no doubt gorging on discarded popcorn every night. Needless to say, she had what vets refer to as garbage gut. She had a very sensitive tummy, but of course she loved to eat everything.

Within the first few weeks that we had her, it was obvious something was going on with her little tummy. We had her quarantined from our other cats for several days, and we had set up a litter box for her in the master bathroom shower stall. It’s a cavernous tiled shower that provides amazing acoustics.

One evening early on, the hubby and I were sitting in the master bedroom (used as a den/office), and we heard a boom boom boom coming from the bathroom. It was like a fighter jet had broken the sound barrier and created a sonic boom – on repeat.

So, off to the vet we went! Tests were run, diseases and parasites ruled out, probiotics prescribed, etc. We finally found a diet that worked. But to get to that point, she had to go to the vet’s office several times in the first few months. In addition to what appeared to be food allergies, Sophie also had skin issues (random hot spots on her face and legs, swollen lip, etc.), which all called for additional trips to the vet, and sometimes a cone was involved.

Before taking in Sophie, our other two cats (Dexter and Olive) had only ever been to the vet for the snip/snip procedure and regular annual checkups. So, these frequent trips with Sophie were new for us. Luckily we had found a vet and staff that we genuinely liked. It’s an all-cat vet, which is 1) nice to know that no dogs would be in the waiting room, and 2) the vets and techs know their cat stuff.

Even though food allergies and skin conditions are mild in the realm of cat affliction possibilities, it’s still nice to know that she’s in good hands. Sophie was (and still is) a star at the vet’s office. The staff fell in love with her. The techs would get excited if she was scheduled to be in the office. They would come out to see her even if they weren’t assigned to her care that day.

Sophie has come a long way since the first several months of vet visits. And now to celebrate that fact, I thought I’d document a regular old, run of the mill, boring-as-can-be vet visit with some fun pictures. Just a quick exam and booster shot. Easy peasy!

white cat in cat carrier
The birth of a cat. (As performed by Sophie in the waiting room.)
white cat on scale
The big weigh in! She’s nearly 10 pounds now.
white cat in exploring exam room
Exploring before the vet comes in the exam room.
white cat in cat carrier
“Please, daddy, can we go home?”
white cat in cat carrier
“I’ll just close this up, thank you very much.”
white cat in cat carrier
All ready to go!
white cat on desk
Back at home as if nothing happened.

What are your vet visits like? Are your cats well behaved at the vet?

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22 thoughts on “Sophie visits the vet

  1. Lucky, lucky cat and beautiful too. The last few years Jake went to the vet more often than I’d like. He was old but easy to handle and liked scratches so he too was a tech fav. Sophie is so lucky to have found you. She won the lottery!

    1. Aww, thank you! It’s nice when the cats are easy to handle at the vet. Our poor Olive had to be put in one of those face masks one time because she kept trying to bite the tech’s hands.

      1. I’ve never had that happen. Even Jake who could be hard for me to handle when he was young was a pussycat in the vet’s office. I always thought he was afraid I’d leave him there.

  2. She’s so beautiful! You’d never know she had such a rough start. It’s amazing what they can overcome once they’re given a safe place, good food, and lots of love. We — in my rescue group — constantly marvel at how they can blossom with even a little positive attention. Thanks for saving her!

  3. What a wonderful rescue story! She’s lucky you found her & is just beautiful! Our vet office loves when we come in (& we go quite often) – all of our babies are very well behaved even though some get a little nervous.

  4. I love the pictures of her “emerging” from the bag! We also take our cats on annual visits to the vet, they don’t like travelling but tolerate it pretty well, usually shy at first, then explore the vet office, then they are usually ready to leave before the visit is even over!

    1. No one likes getting poked and prodded, so I can imagine they’re ready to go before it’s over! :-)

      Sophie is pretty good in the car, never making a peep. But our other two… they are very vocal in the car. They hate it! When we get to the vet, they climb into the same carrier together. Pretty cute actually.

  5. Aww, she’s so beautiful! It is so wonderful when they can finally be ‘healthy’ and just focus on being a cat! We’ve had some awful (and VERY expensive) vet visits, but our vet now is awesome.

    1. I’m glad you have a great vet now – it makes a world of difference! Have you ever had pet insurance? We didn’t have a very good one for all her first visits (each trip didn’t total enough to report it). Now we have a pretty good one, but haven’t had to use it (which I guess is a good thing!).

      1. Never wanted pet insurance – and ours is expensive and what it covers is not really worth it when we look at what we have spent in the last decade with 3 cats. When Molly was spayed though, it cost C$500. When our NZ cat was neutered in NZ (the vet picked him up, and brought him back) it was NZ$80! Go figure! LP was already spayed when we adopted her, and the adoption fee was NZ$50. Vet fees here are crazy!

  6. My kitty Sadie recently was diagnosed with CKD. So now we, too, spend a lot of time at the vet. Definitely different for a cat who spent the first twelve years of her life totally healthy. Lucky for us, her new vet is an all-kitty vet, too. It does seem to calm the nerves. Sophie is lovely!

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