Which Bowl will you be watching? Super or Kitten?

The answer for most people is probably Super – unless you happen to be on my site, in which case the answer just might be… Kitten Bowl!

If you’re a fan of kittens and cuteness, then may I suggest that you tune into the Kitten Bowl. Really, it’s just a bunch of kittens running around and playing, but it’s sure to be oh-so-adorable, while also raising awareness about pet adoption.

All of the “players” are rescues from North Shore Animal League and Last Hope Animal Rescue. While all of the featured kittens have already been adopted, there are so many others out there waiting for their forever homes!

And if you really want to get the most out of your Kitten Bowl experience, then head over to the Cat-lete Card Creator and create your very own trading card for your kitty! You can also check out some cute Kitten Bowl pictures here.

Kitten Bowl III will air on Sunday, February 7th at 12:00pm on the Hallmark Chanel.

You know you want to watch it… come on, wouldn’t you rather watch kittens running around than men in spandex?

Kitten Bowl - Boomer's Cats
Representing Boomer’s Bobcats, Basil brings her game face.
Kitten Bowl - Last Hope Lions
For the Last Hope Lions, Rocky shows his ferocious side.


3 thoughts on “Which Bowl will you be watching? Super or Kitten?

  1. I love the kitty bowl and so do my kitties. I also love the puppy bowl which is also an overload of adorableness. We are lucky that we have more than one TV so everyone will be happy.

  2. Well, I’m bummed my Seahawks didn’t make it all the way through the playoffs for the third year in a row, and because we are behind the Broncos now (and know that they will likely lose to the Panthers!), we will definitely watch some kittens! I will be sneaking it on my phone….

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