Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Vesper

Waiting to be adopted (before surgery)

Fourteen-week-old Vesper started her journey in Mexico, where it appeared that she had been bitten by a dog. While in Mexico, her leg was put in a sling, but she was a very active kitten – as they usually are – and she would not keep the sling on, making the healing process all the more difficult. Before coming to a cat rescue in Orange County, California, Vesper needed her paw to heal and also to get over an upper respiratory infection. Once she was healthy enough, arrangements were made for her transportation up to Orange County.

When foster mom, Val B., received Vesper, she noticed that the kitten’s paw was twisted outward. She also had a limp, which didn’t seem to bother her much. But after a short time, her limp became more severe and it was clear that she would need additional medical attention.

Being brave at the vet’s office

Val took the kitten to the vet, where they took an x-ray of the kitten’s paw. The verdict: the growth plate in Vesper’s left paw had been damaged, which was causing her bones to grow at different rates.

Val was presented with two options for Vesper: 1) wait until she was fully grown to perform surgery and insert a plate, which could potentially cause the leg to twist even more and be painful, or 2) amputate the twisted leg. If they went with option one, they would have to wait one year for Vesper to be fully grown, during which time her leg and limp could get worse.

Val, having fostered many other kittens previously, was nervous since she had never experienced anything like this before. But the vet put her at ease and assured her that amputation was the best option – it would be fast and little Vesper would recover quickly.

After the surgery Val visited Vesper as frequently as possible during her stay at the vet’s office. And after a couple of days, Vesper was able to go home with Val. The stitches were removed 10 days later – and just three short weeks after the initial x-rays, Vesper was already wrestling, jumping and running with her fellow foster kitty siblings. She was finally ready to find her forever home!

Happily ever after…

During recovery and her time with her foster mom, Vesper became close kitty friends with another foster, Shere Khan. The two were very playful and would wrestle any chance they got. Shere Khan had been put on hold for adoption at a very young age. His new dad waited patiently to adopt him until the young cat was old enough. When the adopter came to the adoption event to pick up Shere Khan, he met Vesper and was amazed by her tale of survival and recovery. Two days later, Shere Khan’s new dad called Val and said that he wanted to adopt Vesper too! So the following Saturday Vesper went to her forever home where she was reunited with her best friend!

Thanks to Val for sharing Vesper’s happy tails rescue story!

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