Paw vs Paw

While browsing through the endless pictures of cats on Instagram, I discovered this fun animal site geared toward cat (and dog) lovers: Paw vs Paw! It fills the need to look at cute animal pictures – but with a twist!

Paw vs. Paw logoTwo cats (or dogs) face off against each other (hence, paw vs paw) and you get to vote for the cutest one of the two. Don’t worry, if you’re struggling, there’s an option to say you can’t decide because they’re both just too cute!

The site, still in its infancy, is about more than simply showing off cute cat and dog pictures. The ultimate goal of the site is to help animal rescues and save lives. We can’t all start an animal rescue or be a foster parent (as much as we would love to be), so Paw vs Paw founder, Jason Brignola, thought this would be his way to help all paws in need.

Jason says, “Each paw deserves to have an amazing home like so many of us have provided to our own. One of the best parts of creating Paw vs Paw, with the help of my friend Eva, is hoping one of our sections could help convince someone to change a paw’s life and even their own.”

Paw vs Paw also features “furever” home stories and has a cute section called Fur Shame… because shaming your pet publicly with a picture is too good to pass up!

Go check out this fun picture site and know that you’ll be one step closer to helping animals in need. And as the site grows and gains more users, more animals can be saved!

Paw vs. Paw showdown
Kitten versions of Dexter and Olive showing how Paw vs Paw works.


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