Three Chatty Cats

Three Chatty Cats

Dexter, Olive and Sophie. We are the Three Chatty Cats!

Our goal at Three Chatty Cats is to bring attention to great cat rescues and their life-saving efforts! We also want to provide you with helpful tips, share inspiring rescue and adoption stories, and provide the occasional product review.

We want to be a fun and informative site for cat lovers everywhere!

If you have any post suggestions, we’re all ears!

We thank you kindly for stopping by.

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3 thoughts on “Three Chatty Cats

    1. Sukanya, you’re so sweet! I love your photography and look forward to seeing it too! The Zoo Rescue received your box and thanked you on their Facebook page. There’s a Visitor post our FB page and you can click over to their page. She posted a pic of the cats playing in the box it came in! So cute!

      1. Oh wow! Yes they sent me a message through Amazon as well! I’m so glad the cats liked it. I should check out their FB page.

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