Meet Olive

Name: Olive (female)
Date of Birth: April 7, 2011 (approximately)
Date of Rescue: June 7, 2011
Likes: Lasers and treats
Dislikes: Sophie!
Known for: Growling at Sophie (Sophie’s fault of course), being a loner, begging for treats

Olive shortly after her rescue.

Rescue story: On a warm June afternoon, this little tortie was found by asphalt workers outside her (future) human mama’s house. The workers saw the little kitten dart into the yard of a neighbor and didn’t want her to get hurt or harmed by the freshly laid asphalt. They caught the scared kitten and another neighbor, a cat lover herself, offered to take her and see if she’d simply escaped from the safety of her home.

Rachel (future human mama) and her husband Ross arrived home from getting dinner and saw the friendly neighbor lady walking around with a cat carrier. Curious, Rachel asked about the latest and greatest in neighborhood happenings, and Friendly Cat Lady told her what had happened. She was unable to keep her overnight, so Rachel eagerly said she’d take her in and continue the search for her possible owners.

Getting the ol’ sniff check from Eddie.

Signs were put up in the neighborhood, but no one came forward. But the humans didn’t care. They’d fallen in love with the tortie furball. “Lucy” was tested out as a name for a day or so, but they settled on Olive.

Regarding Dexter, the one-year-old previous stray already living in the household, his human servants weren’t sure how he’d react. Being an indoor cat, he’d never had an encounter with another cat, let alone a kitten! But… it all worked out. The video below is proof to how much he loved her right from the start!

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