For all you cat lovers out there (which I assume you are since you’re on this blog), I want to tell you about a wonderfully addictive and total must-have app for cat people.

Catastic is the “Instagram” for cat lovers around the world!

I’ve been on Catastic for a little over a month now and absolutely love it! There’s a great sense of community and support for fellow cat lovers.

The description in the the App Store says, “Catastic is the first social network built exclusively for cats!” From what I can tell, the app was launched in Summer 2015. It currently has 4 out of 5 stars, with 68 ratings.

On Catastic I have found cat rescues to support, kitties that I like to check in on, and of course I like sharing my own three (chatty) cats with the community. There is also a forum section, which I’ve only glanced at, where people can ask questions and build a further sense of community.

Is the app perfect? No – but what app is? There are definitely some bugs to work out. My “likes” occasionally disappear. My notifications aren’t perfect. But it’s worth the minor inconvenience to be able to enjoy such an (overall) awesome app! I guess I should say the concept is what is awesome. The app needs a little work. But still, it is definitely worth downloading for any cat lover.

Fair warning, if you download the app, you may find yourself glued to the screen, scrolling through all the cute and adorable cat pictures! Happy viewing!

If you’re already on Catastic, tell me your username in the comments and I’ll find you!

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